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AqME is a French alternative metal band, formed in 1999 in Paris. They are one of the biggest representatives of the French metal scene alongside Black Bomb A, Gojira, Psykup or Mass Hysteria.

When Thomas Thirrion (former singer of the band) announced his complete withdrawal from the musical world in March 2012, Vincent Peignart-Mancini took his place on the tour following the release of the album ‘Épithète, Dominion, Épitaphe’. Since then, they have released the album ‘Dévisager Dieu’ on November 3, 2014. The eponymous album called ‘AqME’ released on September 22, 2017 is the second studio album of the band with Vincent.

Release date: 22nd september 2017.

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The album

‘AqME’ is their eighth studio album.

Vincent (singer) commented: “it has more clear vocals and there are fewer calculated things. […] I did not recorded the verse, and then the chorus. We recorded the whole songs to keep what was good. Finally, we made 13 titles where I made 3 takes per title.”

AqME Self titled album coverEtienne (drummer) added: “It was necessary to keep a maximum of feeling. You do not sing the same when you rest, when you have time to take your breath after a chorus. When you sing a whole piece on stage, you have given a lot, you come to the end of the piece and you give even more. It’s obvious on the record, and I hope people will feel it like that. There are times when he has already given so much before he gets to give more but he is at the maximum. And this is where you find magical moments where there are feelings. This is only feasible with someone of Vincent’s caliber.”

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Listen to AqME

The band released the first song ‘Tant d’années’ from their new album on 12th may 2017.

Check the 3rd track of the album called ‘Refuser le silence’:

AqME invited Reuno from the band Lofofora on their song ‘Rien ne nous arrêtera’:

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01. Ensemble – 2:00
02. Tant d’années – 3:02
03. Refuser le silence – 3:43
04. Enfant du ciel – 4:50
05. Rien ne nous arrêtera – 3:23
06. Si loin – 5:22
07. Tout est supplice – 2:42
08. Un damné – 3:46
09. Meurs ! – 5:05
10. Une promesse – 6:51
11. Se souvenir – 4:34
12. M.E.S.S. – 6:03

Total length: 51:21



Vincent Peignart-Mancini – vocals
Julien Hekking – guitar
Charlotte Poiget – bass guitar
Étienne Sarthou – drums


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