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Converge is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Boston, Massachusetts. The album that launched their musical career to the forefront of the international hardcore punk scene is ‘Jane Doe’.

After a five-year silence (2012, their last album ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ was released), the iconic hardcore band Converge is finally back! They put online two new songs ‘I Can Tell You About Pain’ and ‘Eve’ as a 7″ vinyl. Then, they confessed their new album ‘The Dusk in Us’ will be released on 3rd november 2017 via Epitaph record label. As always, guitarist Kurt Ballou produced and mixed this new album called The Dusk In Us’. He is known as one of the most sought-after producers in the metal and hardcore scene with GodCity Studio. He worked with many promising and notorious bands like IsisNailsThe Dillinger Escape PlanDarkest HourTorcheHamletTrap ThemKvelertakAll Pigs Must DieNailsThe Secret and many more…

Release date: 3rd november 2017.


The album

‘The Dusk in Us’ is the ninth studio album by Converge, five years after the acclaimed and well-received album ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’.

Artwork for The Dusk in UsJacob Bannon described the song ‘Under Duress’ as “my emotional reaction to the complex world in which we live”. The album has clearly keeped their classic opened hardcore sound, but it shows a new artistic evolution and avant-garde sensibilities. This new Converge album will be for sure a wonderful treat for fans.


Listen to Converge new songs

‘Under Duress’ was revealed on 15th august 2017 (album release date: 3rd november 2017).

They also revealed the song ‘I Can Tell You About Pain’ on 25th july 2017.



01. A Single Tear
02. Eye of the Quarrel
03. Under Duress
04. Arkhipov Calm
05. I Can Tell You About Pain
06. The Dusk in Us
07. Wildlife
08. Murk & Marrow
09. Trigger
10. Broken by Light
11. Cannibals
12. Thousands of Miles Between Us
13. Reptilian

No informations about tracks lengths for now.




Jacob Bannon – vocals
Kurt Ballou – guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion
Nate Newton – bass guitar, vocals
Ben Koller – drums


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