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Amy LeeEvanescence returning in 2017 is something unexpected. The bans was formed in 1996 by singer Amy Lee (current leader) and musician Ben Moody (not in the band anymore). After several independent albums, they released their first studio album called ‘Fallen’ in 2003. It has sold over 17 million copies internationally and helped the band win two Grammy Awards on seven nominations . One year later, the band released its first live album, ‘Anywhere but Home’. In 2006, they released their second album, ‘The Open Door’ (5 million copies).

On August 7, 2015, the band announced on the social networks the departure of Terry Balsamo (guitar player). He is replaced by Jen Majura, the former bassist of the German folk metal band Equilibrium. The group had announced the release of a collector’s box, for January 2017, which traces all their discography including many bonuses. This is during an interview with Kerrang magazine! in December 2016 that Amy announced a new album of Evanescence for 2017.

Release date: 10th November 2017.


The album

‘Synthesis’ is the fourth studio album by Evanescence.

Synthesis album coverOn May 10, 2017, via the Facebook page of the band, Amy Lee announces that the new album of Evanescence is called ‘Synthesis’ and will have an orchestral and electronic sound. In fact, Universal Music revealed that ‘Synthesis’ will be followed with another new album in 2018. The songs that will be present on the album serve to announce this new album. According to the singer, the title of this new album came from the fact that the album is “the synthesis, the combination, the contrast, the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, also the past and present”. The band is going to do an US tour starting in October 2017. Then, an European tour in March 2018 to promote this new kind-of-transition album. You would better listen to the already unveiled songs to make your own idea.


Listen to Evanescence first songs from ‘Synthesis’

This first song ‘Imperfection’ taken from their upcoming album draws a break with our habits.

The band released a making-of the album called ‘Inside Synthesis’. It shows the inside of the processes of composing and recording this new album.



01. Overture
02. Never Go Back (from ‘Evanescence’ album)
3. Hi-Lo
4. My Heart Is Broken (from ‘Evanescence’ album)
5. Lacrymosa (from ‘The Open Door’ album)
6. The End of the Dream (from ‘Evanescence’ album)
7. Bring Me to Life (from ‘Fallen’ album)
8. Unraveling (interlude)
9. Imaginary (from ‘Fallen’ album)
10. Secret Door (from ‘Evanescence’ album)
11. Lithium (from ‘The Open Door’ album)
12. Lost in Paradise (from ‘Evanescence’ album)
13. Your Star (from ‘The Open Door’ album)
14. My Immortal (from ‘Fallen’ album)
15. The In-Between (piano solo)
16. Imperfection


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